The Teacher Effectiveness and Accountability for the Children of New Jersey (TEACHNJ) Act was adopted by the New Jersey legislature in August 2012 with the intent to raise student achievement by improving the overall quality of instruction. As a result of this act, new teacher evaluation systems, known as ACHIEVE NJ, have been introduced in school districts across the state in an effort to more accurately assess teacher performance and to customize professional development opportunities for teachers based on observed areas of need. The overarching question that informs our research is what impact will ACHIEVE NJ have on the overall value of teacher evaluations and the quality of professional development opportunities offered to teachers.  Data collected through survey research presents the pre-implementation practices (2012-2013 school year) as well as one year post-implementation practices (2013-2014) provides a snapshot of what is taking place in school districts throughout New Jersey. The findings reflect teachers’ perceptions of the value of teacher evaluation practices, the quality of the professional development opportunities and the value the school administration places on teacher evaluations.

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