Online teaching and learning in higher education is growing at an exponential rate! This growth will continue to escalate during the 21st century! The powerful tools of technology will deliver instruction in unprecedented ways. Yet, the tools of technology are only as effective as the masters of this craft. Those using technology to teach online in increasing numbers are educational leadership adjunct professors. In some cases, universities adjunct faculty members comprise 100% of their entire faculty (Babb & Mirabella, 2007). Clearly, the time has come for online universities to provide mentoring that assures the success of their greatest teaching force, its adjunct faculty. The authors present the four most research based needs entitled the four cornerstones comprising an effective mentoring program for educational leadership adjuncts. The four cornerstones of effective mentoring programs for adjuncts teaching online are professional development, effective communication, building balance, and forming relationships. FULL MANUSCRIPT AVAILABLE AT:
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