Quantitative Data Analysis Using Microsoft® Excel:
A  School Administrator's Guide

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This site is an online support system for a new book published by NCPEA Press, and authored by Gerard Babo, Seton Hall University and Leonard Elovitz, Kean University.  The purpose here is to provide supplemental materials for students and professors who are using Quantitative Data Analysis Using Microsoft® Excel: A School Administrator's Guide for their graduatate classes. This is not a traditional graduate student textbook - it is not so much a book to read, but one that provides students the opportunities to "practice" leadership with activies, simulations, and other more realistic ways to study effective school leadership. Note: This book is offered in either a Windows Edition or a Mac Edition - clcik on the desired links below.

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ATTENTION: To those individuals who purchased Quantitative Data Analysis Using Microsoft® Excel: A School Administrator’s Guide prior to July 23, 2015.


It has come to our attention that the Z.TEST function in Excel only provides the user with the correct p value (level of statistical significance) when the sample mean is GREATER THAN the population mean.  If your sample mean is less than the comparative population mean the Z.TEST function does not calculate the correct p value for either a z-Test or a Single Sample t-Test computation.   Consequently, we have re-written the first 8 pages of Chapter 5 (pages 107 – 114) instructing the user how to calculate these statistical tests accurately and properly.  You can download this 8 page insert by clicking on the link below this narrative.  We apologize for this inconvenience and hope that you find the revision acceptable and helpful.


The authors – Gerry & Len


CLICK HERE to download 8 Page revised Chapter 5

Here as downloadable attachments, are each of the chapter's accompanying Excel Worksheet Files and Interactive Videos. NOTE: the videos are formatted in both Windows and Mac versions. Simply click on the one you prefer.

Chapter 1 Excel Basics
Workbook Excel File 
Video 1.A - Spreadsheet Basics — Windows  —— Mac
Video 1.B - Entering and Working with Data —  Windows  —— Mac
Video 1.C - Revising Your Spreadsheet — Windows —— Mac
Video 1.D - Coding Data —  Windows  —— Mac

Chapter 2 Central Tendency
Workbook Excel File
Video 2.A – Calculating the Range — Windows —— Mac
Video 2.B – Calculating the Mean — Windows —— Mac
Video 2.C – Calculating the Median — Windows
 —— Mac
Video 2.D – Calculating the Mode — Windows —— Mac
Video 2.E – Using the IF Function  —Windows —— Mac 
Video 2.F – Using the AUTOFILL — Windows —— Mac 
Video 2.G – Using the COUNTIF — Windows —— Mac 
Video 2.H – Calculating Relative Frequency — Windows —— Mac
Video 2.I – Chartering the Frequency Distribution —Windows —— Mac
Video 2.J – Charting the Relative Frequency — Windows —— Mac
Video 2.K – Creating a Histrogram —Windows —— Mac
Video 2.L – Relative Frequency Histrogram — Windows —— Mac
Video 2.M – NJASK Histrogram — Windows —— Mac
Video 2.N – Converting Histrogram to Solid — Windows —— Mac
Video 2.O – NJASK Relative and Cumulative Frequency — Windows —— Mac
Video 2.P – NJASK Proficiency Levels — Windows —— Mac 

Chapter 3 Variability
Workbook Excel File
Video 3.A – STDEV.P— Windows —— Mac
Video 3.B – Exercize 3.1, Pt.1 — Windows —— Mac
Video 3.B – Exercize 3.1, Pt.2 — Windows —— Mac
Video 3.C – Exercize 3.2 — Windows —— Mac
Video 3.D - Windows —— Mac

Chapter 4 Standard Scores
Workbook Excel File
Video 4.A - Calculating Z ScoresWindows —— Mac
Video 4.B - Z Scores and the STANDARDIZED Function — Windows —— Mac
Video 4.C - TScores and NCE Stanines — Windows —— Mac
Video 4.D - Exercize 4.1 — Windows —— Mac
Video 4.E - Exercize 4.2Windows—— Mac
Video 4.F-P-Data — Windows —— Mac

Chapter 5 Z-T Tests
Workbook Excel File
Video 5.A - z Test — Windows —— Mac
Video 5.B - Single Sample t-Test — Windows —— Mac
Video 5.C - Single Sample t-Test Effect Size — Windows —— Mac
Video 5.D - Paired Sample t-Test — Windows —— Mac
Video 5.E - Paired t-Test with Data Analysis Tool Pack — Windows —— Mac
Video 5.F - Paired Sample t-Test Effect Size — Windows —— Mac
Video 5.G - Two Sample t-Test 1 — Windows —— Mac
Video 5.H - Two Sample t-Test with Data Analysis Tool Pack — Windows —— Mac
Video 5.I - Two Sample t-Test 2 — Windows —— Mac
Video 5.J - Two Sample t-Test 2 Effect Size — Windows —— Mac

Chapter 6 ANOVA
Workbook Excel File
Video 6.A - ANOVA — Windows —— Mac
Video 6.B - Post Hoc Tests — Windows —— Mac

Video 6.C - Eta Squared — Windows —— Mac
Video 6.D - ANOVA Effect Sizes — Windows —— Mac

Video 6.E - Tukeys HSD — Windows —— Mac

Chapter 7 Relationships
Workbook Excel File
Video 7.A - Correlation Pearson r — Windows —— Mac
Video 7.B - Scatterplot — Windows —— Mac
Video 7.C - Multiple Correlation — Windows —— Mac
Video 7.D - Spearman-Rho — Windows —— Mac

Chapter 8 Prediction
Workbook Excel File
Video 8.A - Simple Regression — Windows —— Mac
Video 8.B -
 Predicting with Simple Regression — Windows —— Mac
Video 8.C - Multiple Regression — Windows —— Mac
Video 8.D -
 Predicting with Multiple Regression — Windows —— Mac
Chapter 9 Cross Tabs and Chi Square

Workbook Excel File
Video 9.A - Pivot Tables - Windows —— Mac
Video 9.B - 1xK Chi-square - Windows —— Mac
Video 9.C - r X k (2 X 2) Chi-square - Windows —— Mac
Video 9.D - r X k (2 X2) Chi-square test generator - Windows —— Mac
Video 9.E - More on Pivot Tables - Windows —— Mac

Chapter 10 Excel as a Data Base
Workbook Excel File
Video 10.A - Using Excel as a Data Base - Windows —— Mac
Video 10.B - Filters - Windows —— Mac




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